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So….were you able to indentify some of these myths that have been wrecking havoc with your self confidence? If you were honest with yourself I’m sure you found at least one.

I myself had 4 at one time!

Today’s post we are going to talk about committing to change and taking control of your emotional state.

The very first thing you must do is make the commitment to change.

Before we go on any further I want to quickly discuss the two most common roadblocks I see with guys suffering from low self confidence. They are:

The constant need to compare themselves with someone else. Confident people never feel the need to compare themselves to anyone.
Constant critiquing weather its other people or yourself. Passing judgment on others will leave you an island unto yourself and self-critiquing only makes you look pathetic.
These two beta male traits are the most common I’ve seen with guys suffering from low self esteem.

To make this commitment be honest with yourself and admit you need help. There is no shame whatsoever and a real man will admit a fault and take measures to correct it.

The second thing you must do is take control of your feelings and emotions.

Now that you understand what is causing your loser mentality we need to rid you of those thoughts that are crippling your emotional growth.

Most of this boils down to FEAR. Think about it why are there so many men who still find it difficult to get passed all their fears and insecurities and just do it? I’m talking about walking up to a woman they’d like to know and just talk to her?

Fear of rejection and looking like a fool.

As long as you don’t creep them out women are generally very friendly and approachable.

Do you want the truth? Women are dying for a man that gives off that fun sociable vibe to walk up to them and strike up a conversation.

Very rarely will a chick be a bitch with you and insult you. Even if she does how miserable is she to display that kind of behavior? Would you really wan to waste your time and chat her up?

Do you see just how irrational this is? It makes absolutely no sense.

Once you are in control of your emotions you will be able to control your external world. Life presents us with challenges and throws us curve balls every now and then. However it’s your responsibility to meet that challenge head on without FEAR.

Remember to be totally confident you must believe that you have the ability to succeed. Yes you may get rejected but you shouldn’t take that as a slight against you. Rather brush it off and talk to the next girl.

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