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Thanks for coming back! I hope you liked the last post on this interesting topic of how to talk to women and instantly attract them. If you recall we last talked about the “push and pull” method.

Basically it involves you flirting with her showing a little interest here and there and then playfully teasing her. Mark my words when I say it drives women nuts! You are challenging them and being fun at the same time. She thinks you might be attracted to her, but isn’t quite sure.

Can you see now just how powerful this is?

I know what you are thinking, “I was raised to be a good a good boy.” That’s all fine and dandy but the real world is different. To attract a girl you just at times have to tease and challenge her.

Keep in mind when you are talking to women that it’s not just about asking her questions. In fact stories make up a huge part of the attraction process.

In the past several years I have traveled to France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and most recently Cabo San Lucas. I have a ton of stories to draw from and experiences I don’t mind sharing with people. Women in particular love travel. A man that can tell stories of his travels and display he has culture is a man that will have her attention.

Draw from your experiences and take control of the conversation and take it to where you want it to go.

All this push and pull, flirting and telling stories is aimed and one thing, to separate you from every other boring guy in that particular social setting. You want to be interesting and this is your shot at making a good first impression. Most guys talk about boring stuff with women and never connect with them on an emotional level – remember women are emotional communicators and to be successful with women you must appeal to them on an emotional level.

In case you are looking to better understand and master the art of flirting the best resource to come out is a brand new eBook from Steve Scott. His book, “Flirt Mastery: How to Flirt and Create Hypnotic Conversations with Women” is hands down the best flirting guide on the market.

There are no canned lines or bull crap on top of bull crap routines. Steve just basically breaks down how women want to need to be communicated to in order to create attraction. The end result is a very natural way of communicating with women. A great read!

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