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I want to share with you a hilarious story that took place a little wile ago to a friend who was on Match. He was scoping out some of the profiles of cute chicks local to him and decides to ‘wink’ at one of them.

She responds with a ‘wink’ back and he sends his intro email. They shortly begin to talk on the phone and he sets up a date.

All sounds good do far, right?

In his words she was by no mean that cute skinny chick he thought he saw in that photo. In fact she was in his estimates 40 pounds heavier in real life!

Now this can happen to anyone man or women it doesn’t matter. However we are going to discuss taking precautions for you men when you are online checking out dating profiles.

Here are some types of photos to be on alert for:

– Is the photo a close up shot of her face only? If all her photos are head shots be on the “fatty” alert.
– If the photo looks like a professionally shot photograph in black and white.
– Carefully look at her arms in the photo. Do they look thick? Examine her features for signs of plumpness.
– Extra caution for photos that looks like it belongs to a model. That’s just a way for spammers to get to your email.

Look I’m trying to be an ass here but if you are looking for a body type that is slim and slender why settle for someone who’s not what they represent?

There are certain rules in online dating, the 1st being cautious. Don’t be afraid to ask for more photos if her profile only has one or two. In fact demand that you see more photos before a face to face meeting.

“Hey I was wondering if you have any more photos of yourself you can email me, just checking to see you aren’t a two headed Brontosaurus 🙂 ”

Just keep it light and funny and even send her some additional photos of yourself. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with her online photos ask for more. If she refuses move one you’ll be great full you did. Take control and end the injustice!

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