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I get asked this a lot from emails I get.

“Okay…..I get it, inner game and self confidence but what else do I need to be successful with women?”

As if I have a magic pill to offer and PRESTO, you become a new man. Sorry buddy but it doesn’t work that way. The missing link is you putting it into practice. Yep – you guessed it, that means actually using the material you have at your disposal and actually making the commitment to change.

Look you can be one of those guys that will buy the material read it once and never uses it. Then how do you expect any results without the work?

Stop procrastinating. It simply doesn’t make sense and you are setting yourself up to failure and even more frustration.

When I bought my first dating eBook, “How to be Irresistible To Women by James Brito” I read it over and over to fully absorb all the important details and even took notes. When I went out with friends I put into an action plan that I will talk to at least 1 girl that night.

Your Free Guide to Flirting & Sexual Communication
Flirt Mastery
Right Click – “Save As”

You’re gonna LOVE this one… In this 90 page eBook preview, you’ll learn:

The right way to flirt
2 types of flirting
What women really want in men
Flirt by teasing (my favorite!)
How to create sexual tension & sexual chemistry
I know there’s a LOT OF CRAP sold on the Net these days. It can be hard for you to plunk down your hard-earned money on an unproven product. Here is your chance to download this FREE 90 page preview and judge for yourself. What do you have to lose?

P.S. I’ve already had a few guys ask about Steve’s main site. So here’s the link if you want “jump right in” and get started right away – Flirt Mastery.

Then it became 2,3,4,5 women I was talking to in a night. My friends noticed and my confidence went through the roof. Sure not all were successful encounters but I didn’t care. I was having a good time and if she was too lame not to hang with me then it was her loss.

Sure it took a while but slowly my whole reality changed and my outlook on women and more importantly my outlook on life in general changed 360 degrees. The day I decided to make the change and basically talk to women was the day I took control of my life and write my own path.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning for me – hell there were times when I made excuses and chose not to hang out for whatever lame reason. Your first task will be to stop making excuses, get over your fear and just do it. Seriously what is the worst that can happen? login
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